Shenzhen Xunfengtong Electronic Ltd.

Shenzhen Xunfengtong Electronic Ltd. Shenzhen Xunfengtong Electronic Ltd.
We develop and manufacture health care and beauty products, including low frequency therapeutic massagers, electronic pulse massagers, butterfly massagers, pressure relieving clocks, and slimming belts. 5,000 assembled units roll out from our ISO 9001:2000 certified production lines every day.
More than 80% of our own 'XFT' brand health care products are delivered to Europe. The rest is sourced by buyers in the US, Australia and Southeast Asia. In conformity with buyer's requirement, all products are certified with CE, FCC and FDA. Satisfied buyers in Europe and the US have been cooperating with us for more than four years.

In 2000, we established partnership with three manufactories in Korea and Japan to further update our product line. Using Pro/E-latest in industrial design software, our R&D can release 15 to 20 new models every year.

We maintain quality assurance that if any defect is detected, you can return or replace the products in three months.

To customize your health care and beauty products, contact us now. Overseas customers can send your inquiries to our branches in New York and Hong Kong.

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